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2 latte’s with my new PIDed Rancilio Silvia

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Ok here is a video of making 2 latte’s with my newly pidded Silvia.


My Favourite Single Boiler Home Coffee Machine …

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I am often asked what is the best machine for making coffee at home. Of course the answer is: It depends …

For people that only make one or two coffees at a time, or for people who drink predominently black coffee, the best “entry level” machine is a single boiler machine, and IMHO, the best of these is the Rancilio Silvia.

Rancilio Silvia has PID

Posted in coffee machines on 30, August, 2008 by charliem69

I have installed an MLG pid kit onto a new Silvia with a view to running some temperature surfing tests. The experimenting begins …

Coffee, Coffee, My kingdom for a double piccolo

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My name is charlie and I am addicted to coffee.

The good news is my partner owns Jetblack Espresso which supplies Coffee Machines and runs Barista Courses for the other similarly afflicted of Sydney Australia.